About Conversion Bridge

Conversion Bridge aims to be your single analytics plugin you need for any WordPress website, here’s how:

  • Easily add the main analytics tracking code from Google Analytics or 10+ other analytics platforms
  • No-code, 1-click conversion tracking setup for 40+ (and constantly growing) WordPress plugins with a single click
  • Conversion data sent to multiple ad platforms like Google AdSense, Meta Ads, Pinterest, TikTok
  • See complete start-to-finish Conversion Journeys for all users on your site
  • Setup event tracking to any custom element on your site 

You can enable multiple analytics platforms at once on your site to test out some of the newer, privacy-first analytics platforms while still using Google Analytics.

Conversion Bridge makes a necessary chore for successful digital marketing a simple, and dare I say pleasurable, experience.

Screenshots of Conversion Bridge

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Conversion Bridge

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Conversion Bridge offers no-code, 1-click conversion tracking for 40+ WordPress plugins in 10+ analytics & advertising platforms. Look like a hero to clients with comprehensive marketing metrics.

License Type: Premium