About Conditional Blocks for WordPress

What is Conditional Blocks?

Conditional Blocks is a WordPress plugin, that give website creators the ability to click on any content block within the WordPress Block Editor and begin adding visibility conditions without writing code.

What can I create with Conditional Blocks?

There are many different use cases for Conditional Blocks. I’ll outline a few:

Creating Marketing Content

You can use Conditional Blocks to create marketing content using by scheduling any content to appear periodic, weekly, or between a date range. Combining these visibility conditions with any conditions will automate your future work.

These features are useful when creating.

  • Scheduled promotional content or banners
  • Create unique links with special offers using query strings condition. Only people who visit those links will see the unique content on the page.

Creating Membership Content

You can also use Conditional Blocks to help you create a membership site using WordPress. Block content can be restricted to logged-in, logged-out users, specific user roles.

Improved workflow for draft content

Yes, your workflow will be improved because you can safely save ‘draft’ changes to a existing page without worry that those blocks with be publicly visible.

  1. Select a single or a grouped block.
  2. Add the visibility condition of “Lock down”, or the user roles of “Admin” and “Editor”.
  3. The draft content section you are working on will not be visible to the general public!

WooCommerce Conditions for WordPress Blocks

Creating unique upsells based on which products are in a customer carts is powerful way to increase the average order value. You can also detect the current cart value to display an enticing deal to customers.

The Conditional Blocks makes these types of upsells possible and many more.

Get Creative & Full Site Editing!

Full Site Editing (FSE) is the new way people will be creating WordPress sites. FSE is entirely built on the concept of blocks, therefore Conditional Blocks can configure every piece of your website. It’s time to get creative!

There are currently 23+ available conditions, that can be configured in multiple combinations.

Developers can even create their own custom visibility conditions using a PHP snippet.

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Conditional Blocks for WordPress

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The Conditional Blocks plugin is powerful no-code tool for creating dynamic WordPress websites. You can the visibility of any block content for any reason.

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