About CheckoutWC

The problem: WooCommerce has a leaky cart and checkout page. At every step there are extra clicks, extra delays, and poor UI/UX. You’re losing customers every day.

We fix that in minutes. (Literally!) We’ve obsessed over every part of the cart and checkout to provide the highest converting flow. And we care about form as much as function – you will love how your store looks and performs.

Here’s a typical testimonial from one of our happy customers: 

“Oh my gosh! This has improved our checkout so much! And the support is phenomenal. I wasted so much time and effort with other half baked solutions. Then I modernized my checkout in a couple of days using this plugin! Happy dance!” – Madeleine, Birds and Beans Inc

Or listen to what Marko has to say: 

“You might think it won’t matter to streamline the regular WooCommerce checkout, but once you try this plugin, you’ll see why it matters. Every little friction that can happen in the checkout process is ironed out and, most importantly, should you get stuck at any point, the helpful support is always there to help you out.” – Marko Matijašević – Amaranthine Books

Screenshots of CheckoutWC

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The WooCommerce cart and checkout sucks. CheckoutWC fixes that with a Shopify inspired cart and checkout that you can setup in minutes. But CheckoutWC is more than just pretty templates, we also give you selling tools like Order Bumps to boost your Average Order Value.

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