About AJAX Login Modals

Enhance your user experience and streamline site access with the Ajax Login Modals addon from Popup Maker! This versatile tool allows you to create elegant login, register, and password recovery popups without any coding or complicated setup. Perfect for protecting content or requiring user login for certain actions, Ajax Login Modals make managing user access seamless and efficient.

Imagine your users being able to log in, register, or recover their passwords without ever leaving the page they’re on. With this addon, all forms submit behind the scenes, providing instant feedback and keeping the user experience smooth. Whether you’re a developer looking to implement login systems quickly or a site owner aiming to improve user satisfaction, this addon is your go-to solution.


  • WP Core Integration: Automatically opens login and registration modals when login/registration links are clicked. Simplifies user access with seamless integration into WordPress core functions.
  • Force User Login: Protect content by requiring users to log in or register. Lock down specific pages or your entire site with Popup Maker’s targeting conditions.
  • Interrupt Actions: Use login modals to prevent actions like adding items to a cart until users log in.
  • Combined Modals: Create popups that include login, registration, and password recovery, with easy switching between them.
  • AJAX Submission: Keeps users on the same page during form submissions. Provides a smooth and quick user experience by eliminating page reloads.
  • Customizable Templates: All forms and content are generated via templates that you can customize. Tailor the appearance to match your site’s design.
  • Responsive Design: Forms look great on both large and small screens. Ensures a consistent user experience across all devices.
  • Translatable: Fully translatable with support for multiple languages. Makes your site accessible to a broader audience.
  • Customizable CSS: Unique classes allow for easy styling of forms, messages, and errors. Customize to match your theme or specific design requirements.

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AJAX Login Modals

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Create elegant login, register, and password recovery popups without coding, enhancing user experience and managing access seamlessly.

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