About Advanced Targeting Conditions

Get ready to level up your popup game with the Advanced Targeting Conditions addon from Popup Maker! This handy extension lets you craft super personalized popups that hit the right people at just the right time. Want to grow your newsletter, ramp up lead generation, or get more sales? You’ve got it all here.

Picture this: a popup that only shows up for visitors coming from ProductHunt or Twitter, or maybe one that targets folks who clicked on a specific Facebook ad. With Advanced Targeting Conditions, you can zero in on your ideal audience and serve up messages that resonate. It’s like having a marketing superpower at your fingertips!

But that’s not all. You can show popups to people who’ve been on your site for a certain amount of time, visited a bunch of pages, or even checked out your pricing and about pages. The sky’s the limit with how you can customize these popups.


  • Target visitors from specific sites: Show popups to visitors coming from ProductHunt, Twitter, or any other site.
  • Referrer-based targeting: Display popups to those coming from search engines or specific ads, making sure your content is spot on.
  • Browser-specific popups: Tailor popups based on whether users are on Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser.
  • Engagement-based triggers: Trigger popups after a visitor has viewed X pages or spent Y minutes on your site, keeping them engaged.
  • Role-based targeting: Show popups to logged-in users or those with specific roles to make sure your messages reach the right folks.

Advanced Targeting Conditions from Popup Maker gives you the power to create popups that really click with your audience. Dive in and see how this awesome tool can transform your marketing game!

Screenshots of Advanced Targeting Conditions

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Advanced Targeting Conditions

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Boost your marketing campaigns with Popup Maker’s Advanced Targeting Conditions addon! Create personalized popups for specific audiences based on their site activity, referrer, browser, and user roles. Enhance engagement, lead generation, and sales with targeted, effective messages.

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