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The easiest way to connect your WordPress website to an external API. Connect to virtually any REST API and retrieve data without writing a line of code.

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About WPGetAPI

WPGetAPI is the easiest way to connect WordPress with external API’s, allowing you to easily get (or send) data to/from 3rd party API’s and then display the returned data on your WordPress website using a shortcode or a template tag.

The API data can be output as either a JSON string or as a PHP array, allowing you to easily format the data. You could create tables or charts from the data plus many other possibilities.

WPGetAPI supports virtually all authentication methods including OAuth 2.0 authorization, Bearer token, basic auth, API keys and username/password.

WPGetAPI integrates extremely well with other WordPress plugins, allowing you to do some very cool things with your API. Click the links below for more info on these integrations.


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