About WooCommerce Product Filters

WooCommerce Product Filters supports various filter types, including checkboxes, dropdowns, and range sliders. This gives users the flexibility to choose the filter type that best suits their needs and the needs of their customers.

Filters can be displayed as a widget in the sidebar or through a shortcode on any page or post. The plugin is flexible and can match the look and feel of the user’s store, ensuring that they fit seamlessly into the overall design.

This plugin allows users to filter products using categories, tags, attributes, prices, ratings, etc. This can be useful for customers looking for specific products and want to narrow their search to find exactly what they are looking for.


  • Filter products by anything: Your customers can filter products by literally any product data, such as price, category, size, rating, taxonomies, in-stock/out-of-stock, “on-sale” status, etc.
  • Multiple filter types and display styles: You can present product data in multiple user-friendly ways using dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, color swatches, images, and text labels.
  • Flexible mobile-friendly filtering: The product filters are 100% responsive, and you can control how they appear on different devices.
  • AJAX product filtering: Apply product filters immediately without reloading the page. This way, shoppers get an improved user experience and can find products much faster.
  • Full WordPress and SEO compatibility: The plugin works seamlessly with any WordPress theme and other powerful Barn2 plugins like WooCommerce Product Table. Each filter option has a unique URL that makes it easy for search engines to index.


WooCommerce Product Filters

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WooCommerce Product Filters is designed to add professional-level filtering to WooCommerce, helping users filter products using categories, tags, attributes, prices, ratings, and a lot more.

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