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YOU MADE IT, WE KEEP IT SAFE! Protect your WordPress with malware scans; block bots & suspicious IPs. Get a complete WordPress security toolkit for free or as a pro plugin. SecuPress is GDPR compliant.

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About SecuPress

When you think about security for your WordPress site, many think it will never happen to them. Wrong, WP security is of paramount importance, all your hard work could be gone in seconds, customer data breached if you’re running a store, the damage could be irreparable.

Don’t take the risk. SecuPress offers a complete security solution, from malware scanning, block bots, dodgy IP addresses, as well as the ability to scan your site for any issues.

SecuPress comes in two different versions, one free, the other premium with a whole range of features. Why not take the free version for a spin, see how it works, then go for the premium version once you’re happy.

If you’d like to find out more information about SecuPress, either visit their website here, download the free version, or why not take a look at their press kit here, for a blow-by-blow about SecuPress.

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