I Tried & I Failed. Why I’m Using Affiliate Links On LayerWP.

So back in May, I put this article together Affiliate Links In WordPress Posts. A New Approach.

In the article, I described a new method of doing things, basically giving people a choice to support the blog through purchasing through affiliate links.

See below for an example of the method I was using:

Did This Tutorial Help You?

Well, it’s been over a month and guess what? Zero, nothing, zip, sweet FA.

I write for other blogs, so income is generated through these methods; however, I’d like LayerWP to be an additional income source.

I’m Not A Money Grabber

It’s not me money-grabbing, I spend a hell of a lot of time reviewing WordPress products (think days), and if the vendor has an affiliate scheme, I’m going to use it.

I Don’t Lie.

In fairness, I think most people (the select few who read my blog, thank you BTW!) know that I don’t mince my words, don’t B.S, and give honest accounts of products I review.

Nothing will change, I’ll still be as honest as the day is long, and will not write reviews to mislead but educate possible consumers.

Message ends. I hope this doesn’t put you off reading LayerWP, till next time, stay classy.

Ben Owner of LayerWP

Written By Ben

With ten years plus working with WordPress, I guess you could say I’m a bit of a whizz with it. That said, I’m still learning just like you. If you’d like more reviews, news, tutorials, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter.

2 thoughts on “I Tried & I Failed. Why I’m Using Affiliate Links On LayerWP.”

  1. Hi, again Ben 🙂

    I liked your idea to put a non-affiliate link button next to the affiliate button. In fact, I wanted to ask you about the results of this experiment.

    However, as you’ve mentioned in this post, you’ve got zero sales. It’s okay, at least you’ve tried something new and it didn’t perform well.

    I know it’s kind of hard to run a single author blog, and it takes a lot of time to review all these WordPress products. Without any earning, it gets even harder to focus on creating new content.

    Ben, just stay consistent and keep on experimenting with your content.

    In the future, you can surely charge for writing reviews or promotion of plugins/themes/service but for now, affiliate links seem to be the only way to monetize.

    Stay honest with your words, things will get better 🙂


    • Hey again Pranjal,

      Yup tried and failed, it’s a shame really. That being said, better to try and fail than never try at all.

      You are right on how hard it is as a single author, it’s tough and without a team of writers working with you it’s an uphill battle.

      I’ll keep on doing what I do and over time I’m sure things will change. The one thing I will say is I won’t stop being honest about products, people need to know if it works or not!


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