Simple Comment Editing Review

Simple Comment Editing Review

  • Functionality
  • Ease of use
  • Bugs (sorry dude!)
  • Support (which was 100% on the money)
  • Cost
4.4/5Overall Score

Full disclosure: Ronald (author of the Simple Comment Editing plugin and its addon) paid me for this review. In no way has it influenced the outcome. 

  • About The Plugin:

    The base version of Simple Comment Editing is free to download from There is an addon called Simple Comment Options, which adds more bells and whistles. This costs $19.99 for a 20 site license, view the addon here. 

  • Easy to use.
  • Ability to limit characters for editing is a great feature.
  • Translating text for buttons and messages is a cinch.
  • Email notifications are a great idea, keeps you up to date with what’s happening comment wise.
  • Love the modal when editing comments from the frontend.
  • Plenty of options available for end users to edit comments.
  • Users being able to delete a comment means less work for you as an admin, instead of them having to send a request to delete a comment!
  • Cost, it’s free, and only $19.99 for a 20 site license!
  • The Simple Comment Editing plugin, works a treat. The addon now works as it should do!
  • Bugs, which may I add got fixed incredibly quickly!
  • Slight issue with email output adding in the email notifications.
  • A notification to point you to settings could be a huge help for new users. (more of a suggestion really!)

Been A While Huh?

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a WordPress product on LayerWP, not because I’m lazy, you understand, but because I’m working on other things.

That aside, I was recently contacted by Ronald; some of you may know Ronald from the WordPress world or from the post he wrote on LayerWP, which was A Guide to Customizing Your WordPress Login Screen.

Full disclosure time, this is a paid-for review; Ronald doesn’t expect a favorable review just because he shelled out for it. Quite the opposite, he wants me to write up a review from a user perspective. So let’s not waste any more time, shall we? Let’s begin.

Oh, and for the record, there are no affiliate links in this review.

About Simple Comment Editing

Simple Comment Editing (SCE for short saves me time in the long run!) allows users to edit their comments; if you wanted a demo of how it works, I’m using it here on LayerWP; take a look; at the comments section!

SCE (see what I did there?) is free. Yup, free. The base plugin is available on WordPress here; go check it out if you like.

Installing SCE is a cinch, head on over to Plugins > Add New and search for the plugin like so:

Installing Simple Comment Editing
Installing Simple Comment Editing

Simple Comment Editing Where Are The Options?

Now a lot of plugins have options once activated, and SCE is no different. There are two places to access the settings side of things. It’s not abundantly clear where they reside, so let me share the access points first up:

Access from the installed plugins section
Access from the installed plugins section

One way is to access from Plugins > Installed Plugins, as outlined above, the other way:

Hover over settings
Hover over settings

From a brand new user perspective, I think an alert or notification of some kind is warranted. Not everyone is savvy enough to know where to look.

Something like the below would suffice:

“Welcome to Simple Comment Editing; get started here (link to settings).”

An easily (and permanently) dismissable notification I think could help, newbies.

I understand the reluctance of some developers to put activation notifications in place. The few have ruined it for many; nobody wants their WordPress admin to light up like Vegas.

simple comment editing
Daddy it’s so pretty.

SCE Settings Panel ( Version)

There are, in fact, two versions of Simple Comment Editing. The base version is free on WordPress, so let’s look at the options for that first. Take a ganders below:

Simple Comments Editing Options Panel (part one)
Simple Comments Editing Options Panel (part one)

Straightforward, no complications here; we have a few options:

Edit Timer in Minutes:- Default is 5 minutes but you can change this as you see fit.
Timer Appearance:- Choose from Words or Compact (don’t worry I’ll show you the difference).
Button Theme:- Theme’s available or Regular, Dark and Light. Or choose None.

Button Themes How Do They Look?

Default theme for SCE
Default theme for SCE
Dark theme for SCE
Dark theme for SCE
Light theme for SCE
Light theme for SCE
Choosing no theme in Simple Comments Editing
Choosing no theme in Simple Comments Editing

The last screenshot, the one above, is using no theme at all, and as for as time is considered, it’s the default 5 mins, and the timer appearance is words. See below for the compact version:

Compact version of Simple Comments Editing
Compact version of Simple Comments Editing

So now you know what everything looks like, don’t forget this is the version.

About Simple Comment Editing Options (It’s an addon)

By Ronald’s admission, he has strived to keep SCE as streamlined as possible. That’s where SCE Options comes into play; from users giving feedback, he’s created a plugin (or bolt-on/addon, if you will) that aims to add the most requested features from his user base.

SCE Options is available on Ronald’s website MediaRon here. Now what’s interesting about the addon is the pricing structure. We all see upsells for WordPress plugins, with minimalist options, then an upsell to get the most out of them.

I think Ronald’s approach is unique, and in all the time I’ve been looking at plugins for WordPress, I’ve never seen this before. Let me explain.

A one site license is free
A one site license is free

The above screenshot is for a one-site license, and it’s free. Free as in like a bird. As I said, I’ve never seen this approach before, and I’d love to know how this has panned out.

If you need more than one license and have many blogs with a healthy amount of constant comments, you can opt for the multisite license:

Multisite license costs $19.99 for 20 sites
Multisite license costs $19.99 for 20 sites

Twenty sites for $19.95? Ok, so at this point, this may sound like a sales pitch, I don’t mean it to be. That’s a very low pricing point, seriously. So should you part with your money if you own more than one blog?

Let’s find out.

Installing Simple Comment Editing Options

Once you checkout and receive the email, copy the license key code; you’ll need it!

Head on over to Plugins > Add new, and either drag and drop the ZIP file you’ve downloaded or click Choose File and upload from your device of choice. Install and activate.

Again, there’s no notice for where the settings reside, but they’re in the same place I mentioned earlier.

SCE Options Options?

It sounds a bit daft saying options twice, but it’s true; let’s take a look to see what additional functionality this addon provides.

As the settings screen has several different options, and to save your eyes, I’ve split the screenshot up into sections so you get a feel of what’s shaking.

Main options in SCE Options
Main options in SCE Options

There are five tabs in all, the first deals with the meat of the settings. So let’s tuck in.

Main Options in SCE Options Part One

For those with a keen eye, the difference is immediate, with lots more on offer. We know about the timer option, so no point covering that again.

Allow Comment Logging and Stats:- This option gives you the history of edits for comments on your blog, viewable in the Comments administration of your backend.

Allow Comment Logging and Stats:- This option gives you the history of edits for comments on your blog, viewable in the Comments administration of your backend.

Enable Front End Editing for Admins:- Nice feature this one, directly a user-submitted comment on your front end. See below for what it looks like:

Note the edit button?
Note the edit button?

This is where it gets interesting, clicking on the Edit button, a modal will load:

Real-time front end comment editing
Real-time front end comment editing

Here we can tinker with the comment and edit it as we see fit. You’ll note I’ve spelled options wrong on purpose, so we can correct the typo using this system. It works flawlessly and a welcome feature for sure.

Having the options to mark as pending, trash the comment, mark it as spam, and edit all from the front end could save you a load of time.

The other features are self-explanatory, such as:

Unlimited Timer for Logged-in Users
Allow Timer To Be Canceled by Users
Allow Comment Deletion for Users
Allow Comment Deletion Only
Allow Comment Deletion Confirmation

The ability to allow a user to delete a comment is a great addition. Instead of submitting a request for deletion of a statement from your contact form of choice, let users delete a comment as they see fit.

Main Options in SCE Options Part Two – Email Settings

If you’d like to keep track of edited comments and receive alerts, then the Email Settings section is for you:

Email notification settings
Email notification settings

A user has edited a comment on your site.

The original comment is:

Thanks for editing my comment I always struggle with spelling optins.

Dammit I mean’t options FFS.

The edited comment is:

Thanks for editing my comment I always struggle with spelling options.Dammit I mean\’t options FFS. Apologies I\’ve done it again.

To edit or view this comment, follow this link: (link to edit the comment here)

The email output is concise and gives you all the relevant info you need on what the edits were. Notice the “\” in the text? Looks like this isn’t getting converted properly, minor quibble, as an email notification it works fine.

Quick tip 🙂

This would only apply if you kept the timer for more than 5 minutes; my advice? I wouldn’t set the time to something ridiculous, just in case the above happens.

Main Options Part Three – Comment Character Control

Are you fed up with one-word comments? Or scant text in your blog comments? Then the Comment Character Control settings could help you out big time:

Comment Character Control settings
Comment Character Control settings

The default character limit is 50 words and the max 2000. However, I think 50 might be too much for my site, and I don’t really want someone writing war and peace. So I’ve changed my minimum to 25 characters, see below:

Changing the character limit


Changing the character limit

You’ll note I’ve neglected to enable the max character limit; this in part is due to the fact I don’t want to hold commentators to task with inordinately lengthy verbiage. So how does this reflect on the frontend? 👇

Example of character limit


Example of character limit

Now that’s pretty cool. I visited my blog in an incognito tab, and me being me, I thought it was just for existing comments. Nope, this works for new ones!

Appearance settings in SCE Options

Not a lot has changed here in truth, save for the ability to add an icon to denote a loading image; see below:

Appearance settings in SCE Options
Appearance settings in SCE Options

No point going over old ground, is there? Anyway, next up.

Translation Settings in SCE Options

Another new tab added by SCE Options, and a welcome addition might I add! This one is called Translations. Wouldn’t it be great to change the text options for comment editing and such?

Edit Translations for comments with SCE Options
Edit Translations for comments with SCE Options

Ronald hasn’t spared the horses on this one. Here you change the following text elements:

Button Text:

Save Button Text
Cancel Button Text
Delete Button Text

Message Text:

Edit Text
Comment Deletion Text
Comment Deleted Text
Comment Deleted Error
Comment Empty Error

License & Support In SCE Options

Remember I said you need your license key? Well, the license tab is where you’ll need to cut and paste that bad boy. You’ll need to add the key so you can get access to updates.

My Experience with SCE Options

So it’s at this point, I’d give you my verdict on Simple Comment Editing and the addon, SCE Options. Well, I would usually but here’s the thing.

Despite this being a paid-for review, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention some issues, all with the SCE Options addon. See below for some of the bugs I encountered along the way.

Crashed my site

Yup, you read that right; when I activated SCE Options, it nuked my site. I had to access the site via FTP and delete the SCE Options folder; only then did my site return!

I messaged Ronald on Twitter, and he was quick to apologize and issue a fix!

Twitter DM
Twitter DM

It didn’t end there though, sadly I encountered another bug!

Options not saving

Yes, the options were not saving upon selection; well, they were, but they were deselecting the others, so I created a quick video and shared it with Ronald as below:

Ronald was quick to issue another fix, lol:

Another Twitter DM!
Another Twitter DM!

Duplication of Character limit bar

Again I reached out to Ronald, and he issued another quick fix for me.

Duplication of bar
Duplication of bar

He was on everything immediately; kudos to him for actioning so quickly!

Problem with Character Control Limit not saving

The last issue I discovered was with the Character Control limit not saving correctly; again, I sent a video to Ronald detailing the case, see below:

Ronald’s response was thus:

I'm pretty sure he was joking!
I’m pretty sure he was joking!

It would be easy for me to diss the plugin at this point, say it broke my site, and I’d never recommend it to anyone blah, blah, blah.

That would be unfair, incredibly so; I’m not saying this as this is a paid-for review, but due to Ronald’s commitment to fix bugs, communicate, and resolves issues.

Does Simple Editing Comments Options work?

Yes, yes, it does, and it works a treat; from my viewpoint, I’m incredibly proud of the fact I’ve spotted these bugs; it means I’ve done my job. I’m also super impressed with Ronald’s ability to address them.

It means users have a plugin that’s cared for by a developer rather than pushed to the wayside. Would I recommend Simple Comment Editing and its addon SCE Options? Yes.

SCE Options Review Verdict

I’ll answer the question again for those who skipped it, would I recommend Simple Comment Editing and the addon SCE Options?

Yes, unequivocally, if you have a blog or a blog network with plenty of interaction, both options could help you massively.

Hell, even if you’ve disabled comments due to spam, activate them again, add a spam-prevention plugin, tinker with the settings, and let the conversation flow.

The base version of Simple Comment Editing is free to download from There is an addon called Simple Comment Options, which adds more bells and whistles. This costs $19.99 for a 20 site license, view the addon here. 

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