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Yup, I charge for reviews of WordPress products.

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Q. Not for me

“Sorry Ben, but I think you’re out of order charging for reviews. We rely on our network of partners and reward them via our affiliate program. It works for us and we’re not going to start paying sites like yours for a review, I don’t care how honest you are.

No thanks.”

A WordPress Business

Q. You can’t be objective

“I really don’t think you can build trust with paid reviews. You have an obligation to perform a favorable review to warrant your price. This doesn’t serve potentially interested users, and if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t read any of your reviews, if I knew they were paid for.”

A WordPress User

Let’s tackle the first objection, “Not for me”. OK, so a network of partners sounds cool. Nice to be in a club so to speak, there’s a problem with that. 

Bear with me, not every blogger who writes about WordPress does this, in my own personal experience many do. I have no issue with affiliate programs, hell I’m a member of two. 

Two, yes two. I’ve been with one company for four years and the other for 18 months, I only link to them as they’ve made leaps and bounds and could be of real use to fellow users. 

The issue I have, and many share the same sentiment through discussions with peers, there’s quite a few blogs that gloss over faults and issues with WordPress products. 

Why? They’re an affiliate partner. Mentioning faults impacts revenue, impacting revenue is not something these bloggers want to do, it’s all about the affiliate bucks.

I don’t roll like that, and will stick to my two links, thanks.

*Downhill is how I usually roll. For the record.

Actually you can. If a review is paid for, that doesn’t mean it necessarily means its bias. In fact quite the opposite. 

I like to think of myself as a no nonsense kind of guy, I tell it like it is. So you pay me for a review, will that change?

No, hell no. If I find a fault I’m going to mention it, if the plugin/theme is similar to water torture in terms of experience, I’m going to say it. 

That will probably put you off from ordering a review, I get that, but to be honest, I don’t want to be part of the happy clappy every WordPress product is amazing crowd. 

Truth be told, there’s a lot of junk out there, a lot. I’ve seen reviews on other blogs of products, I know for a fact, are well in the politest of terms, junk.  

WordPress’ users are becoming wise to shill marketing tactics, the more people speak up and talk about it, the more marketing tactics will change, and change for the better.

Here’s what I offer

Haven’t been put off yet? Sweet. Here’s what I offer as part of my review service. Here comes the science part, so concentrate. 

Nice, now you’re thinking! What you’ll get is an HONEST review of your plugin/theme.

No B.S. no waffle, straight up facts. 

Want to know something interesting? I’ve helped several developers find bugs, because I’m a user, I think outside the box and take a product through its paces. 

Pushing a product to its limits, hey it’s great for me I can add tutorials on how to do ‘XYZ’ with ‘ABC’ plugin/theme, more content for me and more exposure for you.


Yes, yes you do. What would you rather, paying to be a part of a ‘best X plugins/themes ever for ABC usage!’. Or a fluffy review that never pointed out issues?

Go right ahead, pay thousands for the privilege and wait to recoup the expenditure over 12 months or 24 months. Up to you, you know your product, you know what’s best.

(Don’t forget if you invite these types of blogs to your affiliate program, it’s a double whammy, loss of revenue, and refund city.)

You can bet your b*****ks to a barn dance, the churn rate will be high, lots of people saying it doesn’t do this or do that, like the list post/review said it would. 

Seriously, do you really want that, it’s a case of damage control after that, do you want that headache? I certainly wouldn’t. 

So there’s that.

The nitty gritty

Prior to ordering, you should know:

  • I’m not a developer, so please don’t order a review if your plugin has anything to do with headless or static stuff, I’d be doing you a disservice, and I’d struggle, I’d rather be upfront about that. 
  • If your plugin is an add-on for another product, I hate to be awkward, but I’ll need access to the plugin you integrate with. I wish I could purchase it, but the truth of the matter is I can’t afford to. I hope you understand.
  • At the end of the day I’m a user, just your bog-standard WordPress user. I’m doing myself down there, I know. However, I’ve used a shed load of plugins/themes over the years and am quick to learn new things. If you want a review from a user perspective, a REAL user and not a puff piece, I’m your guy.
  • I don’t review web hosting companies.

Review process.

It takes me 5-10 days to perform a review (maybe less), it depends of course on what the plugin/theme offers. Here are some key things you need to know if you decide to order a review:

My review environment tries to emulate the average person’s web hosting. Not everyone can afford managed WordPress hosting. 

I use 20i, a UK based web host, testing on a shared hosting account, no frills, no caching, no WordPress performance enhancements, all reviews are performed on a server with V 7.4 of PHP. 

This is a fairer way of reviewing a product, it means it doesn’t alienate potential users by the hosting platform they use.

Sounds cool

So you like the sound of the above? Cool, here’s how it works. Fill in the form, and send it to me!

Couple of quick answers to questions, so please make sure you read them!

Yes, I’ll send you a preview link for you to have a look through. You won’t be able to edit it, and this is key for me, I don’t want sales guff added to the post.

I get that, there’s no guarantee I will find bugs, but if I do, I will mention them. It’s here you have options via the preview link. 

You can take the time to fix them and I can take another look for you (make sure they’re fixed). Or you can choose to have the review published and use the comment form to mention the fixes you have implemented. 

The whole point of the review is to be honest and direct, no nonsense, no fluff. If you don’t agree with the review, that’s fine, I won’t publish it, but I will retain the fee. 

Sounds cold? Sure, to some, but if I spend serious time reviewing it, and it doesn’t work as expected, then I have to call it like I see it.

No. I don’t want LayerWP to be like other blogs, I want to challenge the norm. Plus, if I publish a review, and it gains traction, and I’m an affiliate, you’ll be forever paying me.

I don’t believe in that mentality. I’m a big believer in ‘you keep what you kill’. You pay for a review once, not forever more, and a day paying via affiliate revenue. 

Sure, take a look at my review’s section here.

Of course, you can! Just shoot me an email on ben@layerwp.com within 2 days, and I’ll refund you immediately.

If I don’t hear from you within that time frame, I’ll assume you want me to crack on with the review.

Price: $400.00
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