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Project Updates WP Hunts

Haven’t done an update for a while, so I thought I’d quickly add one. It’s been tough of late, juggling the blog and projects, and of course the day job, family, and a dog!

I wouldn’t change any of it. I like keeping busy, and am constantly amazed at the positivity of the WP community and how they get on board with things.

It sounds cheesy as hell, but I actually feel quite blessed with how things are shaping up.

Million Dollar WordPress page update:

Well today was a bit of a bumper day, with 4 new additions to the Million Dollar WordPress page, which is amazing in itself.

It’s still going, and going strong, just over 40 ad slots sold now, and it shows no signs of stopping, which again, is awesome and quite humbling if I’m being honest.

Independent product directory:

Again, wow. I literally am awestruck by how many people/businesses have gotten involved. Believe it or not I now have 74 WordPress products in the directory.

74! I never expected to hit 50 products, let alone 74. The response has been brilliant, I’ve had private DMs from developers/businesses, liking what I’m doing with the project and wishing me well with it.

To receive those kinds of messages when you’re struggling is a huge boost to me as an individual, and I cannot thank those who left kind messages enough.

Long may it continue, I love getting the word out about products, it’s a great feeling showcasing WordPress plugins/themes, not everyone can find them. Or they get lost in the ether, it really does feel good sharing them on Twitter, and getting eyes on them!

WP Deals newsletter:

Wow, what can I say? Over 100 people have subscribed to the deals’ newsletter, and I’m getting requests from developers if they can run a deal.

That in itself, coupled with new subscribers, tells me this project is going to grow. I’m over the moon about it.

It’s a great way to meet people (virtually) and get an idea of what their product does, and talk over an offer. I’ve spoken to lots of interesting folks, people I wouldn’t ordinarily speak to.

It’s the impostor syndrome. It kicks in, and when you’re speaking to big, big companies, it’s hard not to feel that way. In my head I feel like a nobody, and that’s something I need to address at a personal level.

So WP Deals is growing, and who knows where it will be this time next year!

WP Hunts an old project

I suppose I’m lucky in some respect. WP Deals, doesn’t take up an awful lot of work. Maybe a couple of hours a week at best. Which frees me up to dig into something else…..

Crumbs I announced this years ago. A Product Hunt for WordPress products called WP Hunts.

Well I dusted it off and decided to give it another go. I’m periodically digging into this, when I feel the spark, so don’t expect anything too soon, perhaps a screenshot will do?

Project Updates WP Hunts
Project Updates WP Hunts

At some point I’ll need to reach out for some testers, and thanks to the lovely folks I’ve spoken to, I’m sure they’ll be up for helping out!

How about you?

Anyway I suppose that’s the update done. How are your projects going? What are you working on? Got any wins you can share? Please leave a comment and let’s talk about how you’re doing.

Till next time, take care peeps.

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