More Than Just WordPress Product Reviews.

I’ve been told privately and over the phone that my WordPress product reviews are useful but maybe a little bit too long. I don’t want to bore anyone, what’s the point of a review if you don’t learn something.

That said, I’ve come up with a new way of reviewing things, splitting the posts.

WTF Ben? How’s That Going to Work?

I don’t believe in writing one review and being done with the product. Sure it offers value initially, is the product right for me? Should I part ways with my hard-earned cash, etc.?

For me to offer value to you the reader, I need to go in-depth, tell you what a product can do and what it can’t do. I’ve tested countless products over the years from a consumer point of view, lots.

I Should Share More

By doing this, I pick up tips and tricks, things I really shouldn’t keep to myself, things I should share. They don’t belong in a review post though, that’s waaaaay too much information for me to share, the review/tutorial would take an age to read, and you’d get bored.

You would, and I get that.

I’m still going to review products be them themes/plugins or services, but with a twist. Hopefully, you’ll like where I’m going with this.

WordPress Products Answer a Need

Every WordPress product addresses a need of some kind, be it a theme for running barbershop, or a plugin to help you share your content on social media.

It makes more sense to make the article to focus on that need, does the product does what it states it will do?

A hybrid post if you will start with the need, with a little background info on the product, then a tutorial on getting started and a review at the end.

Any tips or anything I’ve learned will be a separate post, to help you the consumer, I may have spotted something that could be extremely beneficial, the problem is it could get lost in the ether of a lengthy review post.

Take a look at my inane daubing below; I think this could help people moving forwards, and don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense.


If you do understand the above, then welcome to how my brain works. I believe the above approach will help consumers more so than say a one-hit review and never mention the product again. 

That doesn’t help people. 

What if the consumer liked the look of the product but want’s to know if it can do XYZ as well? They may not have dipped their hands into their pockets to purchase it yet, and they need more information. 

Having a hub for a product makes sense, take Novashare for example, I recently reviewed it on the blog, awesome plugin and well worth checking out if you need a fast, lightweight social sharing plugin. 

I wrote the initial review, did a video as well and offered an update on the product that I found of interest.

Put these things together?

You have a hub dedicated to a WordPress product. That adds more value and more help to those looking to purchase the product. You can view the hub for Novashare here.

Benefits of This Process

I’m not going to lie, and it’s a shed load more work for me, that’s my problem, not yours, here’s why I think it could be of benefit to you.

  • Tutorial/review process, assess the need, does it address it.  
  • Learn tricks and tips revolved abround a particular product. Maybe even some the developer hadn’t even thought of!
  • Posts on updates, what you can expect, share roadmaps for products, changelogs.
  • Interview with the creator this helps build trust, find out more about the company and their plans for the future.
  • All housed in a hub, for easy access, I say hub (it’s really just a tag).

Everyone Wins

It’s a win for you, the consumer and a win for me. I get to offer guides/tutorials and reviews all for one product. More work for me and more content for you.

So a product review becomes so much more, so so much more. A resource, a go-to place to learn tricks and tips, learn more about a product, read from a users experience (me).

I love it when a plan comes together

John “Hannibal” Smith
Ben Owner of LayerWP

Written By Ben

With ten years plus working with WordPress, I guess you could say I’m a bit of a whizz with it. That said, I’m still learning just like you. If you’d like more reviews, news, tutorials, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter.

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