I Messed Up A Project & What I’m Doing To Correct It

messed up
Actually very accurate.

Some of you may/may not know; I suffered a mental breakdown not so long ago, a lot of contributing factors, money, worrying about my family, the pandemic, to name but a few.

We’re all in the same boat, and it’s a rough f**king sea.

Why am I mentioning this? Well, to be frank, it inspired me. Yup, it inspired me. Everyone deals with depression differently, and thanks to my Doctor and their recommendations, I’m now in a better place.

What the last few months have done is offer me a sense of perspective. Thanks to the meds, a sharper focus, and a realization, I was on to a winner but neglected it.

Focus man, just focus.

What am I talking about?

WPDeals, man oh man, I f**ed up. Worrying about other things, the constant need to make money to keep a roof over the family’s heads, really messed with my mind.

I had a good thing going with WPDeals; plenty of subscribers all eager to get a new deal on WordPress products.

I put a ton of work into it, and it was gaining traction; now and forever, I regret not doing more with the site.

But you can’t let things keep you down.

What was WPDeals?

In short and simple terms, I’d send a newsletter out every Friday with deals on WordPress offerings, themes, plugins, that sort of thing.

I’d negotiate deals with developers and stuff them into a newsletter; it was going great guns, truly.

Then I let it slide, my f**k up, no one else to blame but me. As you can probably guess, I’m being brutally honest here.

No one can hold you to account more so than yourself. I’ve learned some valuable lessons over the last year and a half; I’ve beaten myself up so much there’s nothing anyone else can do to bring me down.

So, I’ve hit a low, now to bring myself back up and help people.

Where’s this going?

I’m reviving WPDeals; there I said it. You have no idea how good it was to say that. Why though?

To give you an idea, I’ve had numerous conversations with some genuinely fantastic human beings, and it’s at this point, I’d like to thank Jack Kitterhing, Simon Harper, Todd Jones, and Davinder Singh Kainth.

You guys (if you’re reading this) have no idea how much I value your time and the inspiration to keep going. Truly.

I had an epiphany throughout these conversations; each one of them asked if I was sunsetting WPDeals. I didn’t realize I’d made that much of an impact; all said it was an excellent idea and I should keep going.

So blame them for it coming back.

Where did I go wrong?

A deal every Friday is hard work. Of course, I’m no stranger to hard work, but when your head isn’t in the right place, it can create more problems than it’s worth.

I bit off more than I can chew. That is an indisputable fact. But, I am one person, I don’t have an army of writers, I don’t have a back office of developers, I have nothing, save for my enthusiasm, which after a while waned.

In part, this is due to my mental health, which is now on track, might I add!

What am I doing differently?

A great question. Throughout this whole situation, I’ve realized I don’t have to rush to succeed. Instead, I need measured, attainable goals. No brief time frame; take things slowly and try not to rush.

Building in public.

Weird thing to say, right? I’m not talking about building a house, no. Instead, I’m taking WPDeals on a public-facing journey.

I need to document things, perhaps it’s how my brain is wired, but I love to share.

I love helping people. With that in mind, I will write up how WPDeals is progressing, what I’m doing, and why, and hopefully, help others.

I’m not a developer; hell, I wish I was. But I’m not. Does that stop me from building something? No. F**k no.

What can you expect?

A no holds barred approach; I’ll do my level best with a development diary; hell, I even created a category just for these types of posts.

Showing you how I went about things, what I learned, what was problematic, and how I combatted it if I can.

As I’ve said, I’m not a coder; but I’m incredibly passionate, and I love building things, utilizing developers’ products.

What next?

You could subscribe via email if you’d like; I have a lesson in mind and one that I think could help you.

As part of my building in public journey, I’ll show you how to build a landing page like this.

What are you waiting for? Subscribe you heathens, taste my wisdom, I joke, I joke.

But seriously, like subscribe or something.

For the record

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