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A while ago I wanted to offer a kind of link in bio service, similar to Linktree and others. I tried to do it the WordPress way, by actually using WordPress!

Unfortunately, my technical skills are limited somewhat, as I’m not a coder, I needed an off the shelf solution that could do what I needed. I searched around for one or two, and alas, they didn’t quite fit what I required. 

Basically, I required a kind of set it and forget it solution. By this I mean a way for users to sign up, choose a package, and let them have at it so to speak. 

Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t B.S. people, so I found a script (admittedly one I had forgotten I even owned) on CodeCanyon. I proceeded to play around with it and low and behold it was just the thing I needed!

Domain name wise, I was going to use ello.im which would have been super cool, unfortunately whoever owned the domain before, got black listed on Facebook, and as a result I can’t post any content from that domain on FB.

Well, that was a kick in the teeth, especially as I’d set everything up and was effectively ready to go. So off I go, buy another domain, this time I checked on Facebook before I even added the script, thankfully it worked. 

Say hello to H-i.im

H-i.im is a short domain and perfect for things like: H-i.im/layerwp or H-i.im/ben

The whole point of the site is to give those who don’t have the time or the means to build a website, or style it in a way to showcase links to projects, social media profiles etc. 

My Page on H-i!

Linktree and others, are great platforms, but I wanted to see if I could make my own, for financial gain (again I’m not going to lie!) and to help people, who ordinarily don’t have the skills to make something.

Feedback so far

Reception hasn’t been great, I’ll be honest. I posted it on Twitter and had a couple of people say things like:

I can build this using WordPress!


I already have something like this on my site.

Note to self, when you tweet about WordPress, don’t mention other things you’re working on that aren’t WP related. Or expect answers like the above.

Which, to be honest, kind of p***ed me off. There you go, I said it.

I spoke to a friend and just said move on, so that is exactly what I’m going to do.

Ignore them.

What does H-i.im offer?

If you’ve made it this far, and you’d like to know what my link in bio service offers, cool beans. Here’s a run down of what you can expect.

A list of the features available:

  • Custom URL name
  • Deep linking
  • Removable branding
  • Custom branding
  • Custom colors
  • Indepth Statistics
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Links scheduling & limiter
  • SEO Features
  • UTM Parameters
  • Extra Fonts
  • Password protection
  • Sensitive content
  • Leap link
  • Dofollow links
  • Schedule links and blocks by: date, device or browser basis.
  • Embed YouTube, TicTok, Spotify, Twitch, Soundcloud links.

There are a range of packages available, from FREE, yearly (set criteria) or go unlimited, there’s also a lifetime deal price for those who like to pay once and forget about it!

Find out more here, oh before I forget, here’s a voucher code for 20% off just click here!

It’s a new little project for me, and yes I’ve got my work cut out, I wanted to try something different.

I’ll post updates as and when I can, show you any little wins or milestones as and when they happen.

Wish me luck!

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