Formality Plugin A Video Review

I’ve started to branch out into creating video reviews of plugins/themes for WordPress; today, I give you the rather excellent Formality plugin.

What Is The Formality Plugin?


Formality is purpose-built for use with the Gutenberg editor or Block editor if you prefer.
For those of you using the classic editor, look away now; this isn’t for you.

Formality is entirely free to download on; I wanted to highlight this plugin as I think it’s tragic more people don’t know about it.

What Can Formality Do?


Seriously watch my YouTube video to find out more about its capabilities; still reading? OK, here you go:

1. Build multi-step forms
2. Build conditional logic forms
3. Build conversational forms (think Typeform etc.)

All from the Block editor, get notified of submissions, add calls to action, load forms in posts/pages, seriously watch the video review 👇👇👇👇

Dare I say it; this plugin is one to watch. Or watch the YouTube video, either or.

YouTube video
Using the block editor? Need a contact form that’s sexy AF? Say hello to Formality.Share it

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