Become An Author On LayerWP

WordPress business owners, service providers, and website designers (using WP). Fancy writing about WordPress in your own words? This is for you 👇

Why do this?

I’ve always liked the idea of WordPress being an open book (which it is), people speaking their truth. Telling it like it is, minus the waffle, not worrying about SEO’ing the living hell out of a post and losing their way in the process.

I wanted to create a space, for WordPress product owners, providers and businesses, to be open and honest. A space for them to have some fun, be human and raise awareness of their offering(s).

You want people to talk about your brand/product/offering, what better way than being human, and having fun? The key takeaway here is, having fun. I do not have an issue with anyone trying a different writing style. What I do want is engaging content, what drives your product/service, where do your passions lie?

This isn’t limited to talking about products all day long. If you’ve got some tips, or experienced a problem and overcame it, talk about it!

To Be honest

I’m but one person. I cannot be around here, there and everywhere, I’m not omnipresent, or a gaseous entity floating in the cosmos.

I cannot possibly cover every single product/service. It made me think, I’m depriving people of finding something new. Readers are missing out on new and exciting things, all 20 of them (you know who you are).

What's the reasoning behind it?

If you’re a product/service owner, trying to get your name out there, it’s nigh on impossible, without paying a premium. 

I don’t believe in that, I don’t believe in restricting people from having the next big thing, by charging them to publicize it. Why the hell would I?

It makes no sense in gatekeeping stuff, come back when you’ve had 10k in installs. Good luck with that, it’s Catch 22. My opinion? It’s time to open the gates, come on in, it’s warm, and we have donuts. Bring your own donuts, I’m not made of money, you heathens

Guest posting rules

Rules, yes, I’m a stickler for rules. To become an author on LayerWP, I ask that you stick to the following:

No hate speech

I will not in any way shape or form condone any kind of content that harms others. 

Be original

Your content must be 100% original, if I even sniff a similarity, it won’t get published.

Technical posts

Keep your language on point, if you want to go technical, fill your boots. Just make sure you mention that a section of the article includes development.


If you have a grievance with a specific product, please take it up with them. As much as I love a row, the site is supposed to be informative and fun. Not the Hunger Games.

No list posts

No list posts, no Fiverr gigs, and no ThemeForest or Codecanyon mentions. ThemeForest and CodeCanyon are behemoths in the product stakes, with huge budgets to push content. Please, just don’t publish content around them.


Now this is important, if you do decide to offer a product discounts etc., it has to be unique to the site. I will not accept generic offerings, if you’ve written the content, then you need to track the results. So use something unique, think voucher code LWP001XYZ etc.


It’s fine to link to other articles, please do keep in mind, if there are too many links, I may not publish it. So use them, but don’t make your post look like Vegas at night.

Final say so

I have the FINAL say so on all content. If it reads like junk, or is badly written, I’m not going to publish it.

Above all else

The most important thing? Be you, try different methods out. Be different, be daring. But obey the rules, you dig?

Before I forget

Those are the rules, now, hell you’re gonna probably hate me for this, and I apologize in advance. I can’t afford to pay you for your guest posts, if I could, I would.

I will use affiliate links to products mentioned. It’s not me being an A hole, I need to keep the lights on. So if I sound like an Uber d**k, it’s not intentional. I’m just being upfront.

Ready to become an author?

If you’d like to get involved, and write an article or two on LayerWP, I’d love to have you onboard. 

All I ask is that you obey the rules, don’t write articles that are blatant adverts for your product etc. No puff pieces, all articles need to be written by you, from your perspective, not your brand/product. Be human.

The whole point of this is to have fun, try something new, and be you.

  • Achieved a milestone for your product, talk about it.
  • Had issues with something and overcame it? Write a post about it.
  • Have an announcement to make, make it.
  • Want to help others by offering tips, write about them.
  • Got an event coming up? Share it.
  • Got an opinion on something WordPress related, write about it.
  • Got a how-to, using a product, awesome, you can guess the rest. 

Heard enough, want to get involved. More power to you, please fill in the form, and I’ll get back to you with instructions!